Friday, 18 May 2012

ASD Funding thresholds changed @ NSW schools

Interesting that the stop work meetings for teachers tomorrow is the opposition of the union to give Principals more power & control within their school over their funds! Funds have been pulled & redirected over the past several weeks already.

So ( deep breathes) where do I start! This is something myself & my family and friends with kids on the spectrum are very passionate and compassionate about. As we know the link between social confidence & learning is key. Children on the spectrum openly seek out sensory experiences.It helps to regulate their senses so that they can engage, participate & learn. So the most effective ways in which to achieve this is to have support within the school environment. This is imperative especially in the playground for social play where guidance is crucial.This is an integral part of Early Intervention strategies which we all know have amazing results the earlier we can start. Mainly to help others understand they have an unique perception, this needs to be  preserved and let to grow. To cultivate anyone's special interests empowers them and could ultimately lead to a source of employment for them regarding their passions/obsessions, to give them the WOW factor to others (NT). Their challenging behaviours are a survival mechanism and the last thing we need is this to be misinterpreted in any way.

There have been studies done that have determined that a large number of prisons comprise of ASD offenders as they were never given guidance, Early intervention/ were from dysfunctional environments.
So it takes no psychologist to see  that then there is a spiral downwards because of negative influences, drugs & alcohol.

This all seems dramatic but there are simple guidelines that can be followed in order to make carers lives, families and teachers so much more manageable and give a light @ the end of the tunnel for the greater picture. Only 20% of marriages survive an ASD diagnosis , often with the father leaving.

Asperger children are very sensitive to their emotional atmosphere and they are the kindest people I know too. Mild autism is a term that grates at me personally & many other professionals, as living with it from their perspective is very real & suggests that they will be fine & do NOT need any help, assistance/funding. They have problems reading subtle signals which we take for granted. So my theory is that all ASD should be commended and applauded for the enormous difficulties they experience everyday instead of criticising them.  As we all know the social skills that we all take for granted are something that needs to be nurtured even more than any ordinary child. Our kids are extraordinary to say the least. Working myself in the state school system caring & guiding them it is paramount for them to be happy, well adjusted being to fulfil their full potential. Many are dyslexic as well but you know if only life with a ASD was so simple...there is no Black & White about it. They have such a magic about them which is unique to just them.

          The saying goes that when you have met a person with Aspergers you have only met one!

So my point in a round about way! told you I was passionate & compassionate about this subject....Is it is a complex issue that needs much more clarity & investigation for the so called powers that be in the  Education system. If you care about people, have empathy for the world and cherish our greater communities, this is the time time to stand & be counted..if only to educate your own  families  of the importance of tolerance. So write to your local member, talk to people about this issue & be kind to someone who is different ultimately.
To avoid all the negative effects within communities they need the support to say the least, caring and guidance which comes with having the appropriate & necessary funding to achieve their full potential as they have so much to give & share with the world.

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