Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Life!! Got to love it....Grateful as can be!

     Things seem to coming to the sharp points of the year......still learning everyday to lean in & face life head on myself, things are never really as scary as our minds like to concoct! To surrender & trust in the process is vital, keep positive & focus on the moment. Always the temptation to Multitask too much....resist, resist as much as is humanly possible. Life lessons are in full swing @ these times for all.

Follow One Course Until Successful.
       With  looking around my environment everyone seems to be tired! All the usual life tests are present & the silly season to contend to as well! These are truly the times that we can be grateful for, to Thank the people in our lives that push, challenge & the ones that present life lessons, in order to better ourselves. There's all the Presentation days, Carols, Formals, Orientation Days, school Fetes, school camps, many family Birthdays still, gearing up for hosting extended family Xmas dinner, constant forking out of monies for you name it,  posting OS relatives gifts NOW, and of course the many handcrafted fairs to attend which I adore immensely! Blah Blah Blah... My diary is my savour!! write it all down so its not swimming around in the mind constantly, freaking you out ...just remember to be proactive with it.
     Happily now making the most of the lists I have made throughout the year as I hear someone I love mention a little something that is needed that will enrich their life in a positive way. Just to chase ALL the outstanding accounts for our business so as to pay for all this.
  The kids are very inspiring to me, their enthusiasm is priceless & very contagious, it does keep me grounded, high emotions are what fuels our passions and they certainly can have alot of that, wouldn't be anywhere else for quids though.
    Ssooooo ready for all the regular routines to just stop....and to let go of school & work & the dogma of these times , just for a bit ppllleeeease. To just be with my family is what I am grateful for, time with loved ones, beach visits, spontaneous outings, catching up with the special ones and the blessing of the soon to be arrival of our new family member for this world that only a couple of years ago seemed out of reach...very precious indeed!
  Today my Main man is building the much anticipated timber play gym which is the major family share pressie, very graciously I must say, stepping out of HIS comfort zone. The fabulous idea of helping the kids spend more time outside together & to be more self sufficient with their problem solving, also to be more forgiving of each others differences & celebrate them. Tolerance!

It is vital that when educating our children's brains that we do not neglect to educate their hearts. Dalai Lama

   We are always thrown curve balls in life but its truly how we react to these moments & what we learn from them which is key. Teaching kindness of heart is the greatest gift we can share with our children, they probably will go off the rails but to have that initial grounding to return to will serve them well. All we can do is keep the humour there & the path of communications open....everyday there are lessons everywhere. Things ARE ultimately out of our control, a path will open up just to change immediately in the opposite direction. I was recently promised 4 weeks full-time work, 4 days into it the teacher I was filling in for had his scheduled operation postponed due to unforeseen circumstances, so of course he understandably wanted to have his position back ce' la ve' ...the best thing was though that all the activities my kids are involved in the festive season/wrapping up school I CAN be present at & there for them , YaY!         Always plenty of work out there anyway, have now been working more hours just in 2/3 days than would have in 5 days. So that is my thoughts & so much to be grateful for if you know where to look & how to find it. What we do have is so much more precious than worrying about what we don't. Now I am happy for being presented with these opportunities and I will enjoy having all these precious moments imprinted that I will cherish forever!
LUCKY ME....loving kindness to all x

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