Sunday, 20 November 2011

Silly Singing Sunday Morning

   Musical theme today in our household...Hubbie & I are keeping the silly twists going with making all our parenting comments into our very own Opera.....Aahh when will they learn?, aahh when will they learn?....its very important!, its very important!....we say that our children do hear us..... but we often wonder where are we going with this....we need to just trust & let it go.
    So even as our eldest is horrified (because thats what her mood tells her she should do) she cannot help but smile, although still hiding her head so as not to seem to be secretly enjoying it, #2 daughter does like to make drama into a sport so she can tend to hold firm longer, even though the sparkle in her eye is certainly there. All the while youngest just says "Mum Mum "with a huge beaming grin & is thoroughly entertained by all the love around & the joy this generates around the home but you know ultimately anything Lego with constructing inventions, does always take preference lets face it!!
   On goes the TV! huh.. there is That's Entertainment II on with the appropriate best snippets from Musicals, comedians of great & show tunes.....just love it when our lives imitate art, so I guess after such a serious week for this professional team..we obviously needed a well deserved release.

So Good Morning Good Morning, to you & you & you....Wishing you are enjoying your own quirkiness today. Who could ask for anything more....

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