Friday, 18 November 2011

what a relief not to hear the regular chant I DO NOT WANT TO GO TO SCHOOL tomorrow!

It feels so marvellous to be snuggling with kids & be released from the regular chants from youngest SCHOOL IS BORING & EVERYONE IS MEAN TO ME every morning....his heightened perception of specific fleeting events with male peers @ 5 years( kinder)bringing out certain traits which have been behind us for over a year now, very expected with all that is in the curriculum for first time learners of readers, writers & social prompting skills( playground antics). Small steps forward becoming aware & conscious NOT to become cave woman protector Bear cub woman!! Trusting in several years of early intervention, touching base with professionals to keep me sane & keep the little bloke on track with his coping skills constantly......forever evolving as he gets older & wiser! It is amazing to see my girls growing up as older sisters with these unique family dynamics, they seem to be wise & see life with openness & maturity way beyond their years! Its all a normal sibling rivalry household believe me but the issues seem to be tackled head on & come to a head more quickly these days....humour is the key because if life is taken too seriously it can simply do your head in !!!! Working full-time as a School Learning Support Officer for special needs @ local main stream schools Kinder to Year6 now ironically going back to a career that I briefly visited BC ( beforekids) & before running our family business . My knowledge @ home in the frontline has been invaluable in working with these precious individuals again who have such a unique quirky way of looking @ the world & we can all learn from the diveristy which is Autism....gently smile @ the world it does help!! <3